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Helios Design System. Contribute to hashicorp/design-system development by creating an account on Git......

The Helios Design System provides the building blocks to design and implement consistent, accessible, and delightful product experiences across HashiCorp.


For guidelines on how to use Helios, see our documentation website.



Design System components in Ember.js


Ember.js addon with <FlightIcon /> component


Flight icons in different formats (SVG/SVG Sprite/React)

  • npm package: @hashicorp/flight-icons
  • more info: see flight-icons/README and flight-icons/CONTRIBUTING for details on how to use the "sync/build" scripts that export the assets from Figma and generate a bundle of standalone SVG files.


Design tokens



This monorepo uses yarn workspaces to manage dependencies for all packages.

Adding new packages

Run this command from the monorepo root:

yarn workspace <workspace-npm-package> add --dev <npm-package>

e.g. yarn workspace @hashicorp/design-system-components add --dev ember-cli-flash

Using ember install in the monorepo

Run this command from the monorepo root:

yarn workspace <workspace-npm-package> run ember install <npm-package>

e.g. yarn workspace @hashicorp/design-system-components run ember install ember-a11y-refocus


This project uses changesets to manage how changes will be released. Each user-facing change to a package should come with a changeset for each package that has changed.

To create a changeset, run and follow the prompts in your terminal:

yarn changeset

See the changeset docs for more information.

Note: If you want to ignore a changeset bump in terminal (e.g. major bump for selected "package x" is N/A, want a patch release), press return on the command line to skip that step. Press the spacebar to select that step.


Release PRs are created and automatically updated on every PR merge by the changeset GitHub action. Once we are ready to do a release, the PR – titled Version Packages – can be approved and merged to main, and the changes will be released to npm automatically.

Local testing of versioning

You can simulate the versioning experience locally with this command:

yarn changeset version

In order for this step to complete successfully you'll need to create a personal access token in GitHub. The name could be anything e.g. design-system, with read:user and repo:status scopes, and then add the token to a .env file in the project's root.



This project is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.


We use SemVer for versioning.

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